Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's Your Name Girl?

I really enjoyed this particular reading, especially anything written by Maya Angelou. This story basically depicts life for a black person during the time of post slavery. It was actually interesting to hear from Maya that she got raped as a child. That's something that I really didn't know. I thought she would've responded better after the lady for whom she was working for started to call her a different name. She took offence to it, but didn't respond aggressively as I thought she would. But I guess that's a good thing due to the ending. All in all, I really enjoyed this reading.

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Pikasmom said...

this is the only site I saw that even mentions "What's your name, Girl? by Maya Angelou. I am supposed to read this for my comp class but nobody has ever even heard of it. Is it a book? Do you have any idea how I can find this?
Thanks, Doreen